Why You Should Consider Getting a Warranty on a Luxury Car

Luxury cars have it all. They have the stylish look, the incredible driving experience, and the undeniably amazing features everyone loves– they’re a treat for those who can afford them. However, luxury cars also come with hefty repair bills when something goes wrong. That’s why having an auto warranty is a really smart idea. Why? […]

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Shopping for Home Warranties

Your home is important, which is why protecting it against unexpected repair costs is crucial. A home warranty can provide peace of mind, as it covers repairs or replacements for major home systems and appliances. It’s important to navigate the potential pitfalls when choosing the right coverage. Not all home warranty providers are created equal, […]

What to Ask When Buying an Auto Warranty

When shopping for an auto warranty, it pays to ask your potential provider as many questions as possible. It allows you to not only see what the company is offering but can also help you weed out lesser quality companies who don’t have your best interests in mind.  If you are shopping for any type […]

The Complete Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

After several cold months during winter, spring is a great time to do some maintenance on many things in your home. Coming out of the cold temperatures, many appliances will need your attention to keep them in good working order.  What should you be focusing on? Here’s a complete spring home maintenance checklist.  1. Air […]

Are Auto Warranties Necessary for Certified Pre-Owned Cars?

Are auto warranties and vehicle protection plans necessary when you purchase a used vehicle? No matter how many tests, inspections, and certifications a vehicle goes through, there’s no way to bring the chance of something breaking down to zero percent. Everything breaks eventually, even used cars.  This is even the case for certified pre-owned vehicles. […]

How to Reduce the Devastating Impact Inflation Has on Home Repairs

There’s no escaping the news that inflation has been on the rise over the years. While inflation has softened—dropping from its near 10% peak—it is still rising at a rate of more than 6% each month. This is pushing the prices of everything up, but some industries have been hit worse than others. The home […]

What Exactly Does a Home Warranty Cover?

If something breaks in your home, you’re responsible for paying for it. Need a new dishwasher, stove, or refrigerator? If you’re outside the standard manufacturer’s warranty, you are 100% responsible for any and all repair bills. What about electrical repairs? HVAC repairs? Plumbing repairs? These are some of the most expensive home repairs imaginable, and […]

The Key Differences Between Auto Insurance and Warranties

Auto insurance and auto warranties both protect your vehicle, but in very different ways. One of the major differences is that while auto insurance is generally required by law, drivers are not legally required to have an auto warranty. However, this doesn’t mean auto warranties are not worth the cost, nor does it mean that […]

You Should Definitely Get a Protection Plan When Buying a New Home

Buying a new home is a wave of emotion. You’re excited, nervous, anxious, and joyful. However, the real work only begins when the keys are handed over and you’re settled in. Homeownership requires work, and maintaining it isn’t as easy as reality shows on HGTV make it seem. Things break, need to be repaired and […]

The Many Ways Your Car Can Break During the Winter Months

Winter is hard on cars, and especially older cars with a lot of miles. The low temperatures, snow, and ice can wear down many vehicle components and cause older components to quickly fail. Many people have been in the situation of coming to their car on a cold day only to have it not start. […]