Are Transmissions Covered by Auto Service Contracts?

Transmission issues are among the most dreaded problems for vehicle owners due to their complexity and high repair costs. Are they covered by auto service contracts? Can you include them in your plan? Find out more about the common transmission, repairs, their costs, and whether they are covered by a vehicle protection plan.  What are […]

Renovating Your Home? A Home Warranty Can Offer Peace of Mind

Home renovations are exciting and stressful, but once they’re done, they’re wholly fulfilling. Whether you’ve updated your kitchen, remodeled your bathroom, or expanded your living area, renovations can significantly improve your home’s comfort and style.   However, amidst the excitement, there’s also the anxiety of ensuring that your new systems and appliances remain protected against unexpected […]

How Auto Warranties Help Maintain the Value of Your Car

Your car is an investment, one that many people will wind up selling sometime down the line. That’s why it crucial to safeguard that investment and ensure that it holds its value over time. Sure, your car won’t make you a millionaire, but you can recoup a significant amount of money if you keep it […]

Car Warranty About to Expire? Here’s What You Should Do

One problematic situation many car owners have is what to do when coming to the end of their vehicle’s original manufacturer warranty. It’s the moment when you start taking note of all those expensive repairs and replacements you need, as they can come at a high price. How can you save yourself from the financial […]

How to Prevent the Most Common and Expensive Home HVAC Issues

Your HVAC system doesn’t just control the temperature in your home. It helps maintain the air quality and your overall comfort. It’s crucially important in your life, whether you realize it or not. Sadly, most people tend to forget about their HVAC systems (furnace and A/C included) until something breaks. When running efficiently, your home […]

Preventative Maintenance: How to Protect and Maintain Older Cars

Modern drivers are keeping their cars longer than ever. Sometimes it’s out of necessity—new car prices are still on the rise—and sometimes people just can’t let go of their current car. Regardless of the reason, every driver of an older vehicle needs to keep their car in good repair. As cars age, they require more […]

How Home Warranties Extend the Life of Your Appliances

Owning a home is at the center of the American Dream, but home ownership comes with heavy costs. In an era where household appliances seem to have a shorter lifespan than in previous generations, homeowners are faced with the challenge of keeping their most used appliances up and running without having to break the bank […]

The Most Common Residential Plumbing Issues: Causes and Solutions for Homeowners

No one wants a plumbing issue in their home. From minor annoyances to major emergencies, plumbing problems can disrupt daily life and, if left unattended, lead to costly repairs. They can also stink and create unsanitary living conditions. They often aren’t pretty, which is why homeowners want them taken care of right away. That’s not […]

The Benefits of Car Warranties for College Students

Car warranties are not just for working adults! They can be one of the best things a parent purchases for their college age children. Why? The most important aspect of a car warranty is that it covers the costs for much-needed vehicle repair, including parts and service. College students are not known for driving new […]