smartphone protection plan

Get Smartphone Protection Plan for less than $6 a month *pricing based on the purchase of the 3-year plan

In a world where everything breaks, it pays to be covered!!


Any working Smartphone is eligible

$75 Deductible

Low $75 Deductible

accidental damage

Accidental Damage from Drops and Spills is Included

unlimited claims

No Hassle Unlimited Claims

repair options

Local Repairs so you don't go without your smartphone


READY TO MAKE THE SWITCH? IT’S EASY. CALL 888-994-0914 to sign up for Everything Breaks and we’ll help cancel your insurance from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile. Even if your phone is still under contract, you’re allowed to cancel whenever you want without penalties, fees or changing your current cell phone plan.

Everything Breaks vs. the other guys
Price (over 24 months)


Deductible per claim


Unlimited claims
Convenient repair at any local repair store
Covers any working phone, old or new
Coverage never ends, cancel anytime
Follows you phone to phone

*All comparisons based on 2-year protection plan plus one accidental claim (includes the Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB,Samsung Galaxy Note 5 64GB and the HTC One M9) for the following providers: Everything Breaks smartphone protection plan, SquareTrade Smartphone Protection Plan; AT&T Mobile Protection Pack; Verizon Total Mobile Protection, Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plus.


Liquid Damage $640

Doesn't matter if it's one splash, one spill, or full immersion-we've got you covered.

Screen Malfunctions $399

We cover broken touchscreens that won't respond to touch commands.

Won't Power On $269

You're covered if your phone stops powering on.

Battery Failure $79

You're covered if the original battery won't hold at least a 50% charge.

Charging Port Failure $80

If you need to wiggle the cord or hold the cable in place, it might be the part, not the cable. If so, we've got you covered.

Headphone Jack $69

You're covered for audio problems caused by a broken headphone jack.

Home button failure $80

You're covered if your phone's home button stops functioning.

Cracked Screen $350

We cover the big damage that can come from the smallest falls.

Camera Failure $269

You're covered for cracked lenses and other camera malfunctions.

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Most frequent questions and answers
How do I file a claim?
To file a service request, call 888-994-0914 to request service on any one of your eligible products or visit our website and begin a service request online in your customer portal.
What Is The Deductible?
Our smartphone plans, regardless of the type of repair, have a $75 flat deductible.
What Are The Repair Options For Claims?
We offer three different repair options. We allow customers to take their phone to the big-name retailers like Apple or Best Buy and get it repaired by them. The 2nd option is we locate on of our repair facilities in our network that is most convenient for you based on your location and arrange for you to take it there. Lastly, we offer free two-way shipping.
Is There A Limit To The Number Of Claims I Can File?
Every plan has a limit of liability up to the purchase price of your phone. You can file as many claims as needed as long as the aggregate repair amount is under the retail price you paid for it. If your phone is $1,000 and we replace the screen for $350, you still have $650 left of eligibility.
What If I Upgrade My Phone During My Coverage Period?
You are sill protected if you upgrade your phone during your coverage period. Just log into your account and update your phone information and you are good to go!
What Does My Plan Cover?
The Everything Breaks Smartphone Protection Plan covers breaks, liquid damage, and any malfunctions. We do not cover loss or theft at this time. Most phone owners are more likely to damage their phones than have them lost or stolen.
Why Do I Need To Provide To Register My Device.
You will need to provide basic information on your phone including: manufacturer, model #, Product Date of Purchase, Approximate Purchase Price, and selling retailer. You will also have the option to upload your receipt so you don't have to locate it later although uploading your receipt is not required during registration.
Why Do I Need Protection For My Smartphone?
The Everything Breaks Smartphone Protection Plan protects you from incurring unexpected repair or replacement costs if your registered product breaks down during the coverage period as a result of normal wear and tear or an accident. More than two thirds of smartphone owners reported damage to there phones in the last year. Now that new phones are more expensive than ever, the average cost of repairing a cracked screen or liquid damage has gone up over 100% with an average cost of $500 to repair the device.
What If I Lease My Phone Or Have A Payment Plan On It?
Phones are still eligible for coverage if you are leasing or making payments on it. You will just need to provide a statement that shows what the original cost of the phone was, or any remaining obligation on the phone.
When Does Coverage Begin?
The plan term starts on the date of enrollment via the registration process. Products are eligible for coverage o the 31st day following the plan term start date.
Any smartphone in good working condition is eligible for coverage. With our Smartphone Protection Plan, we cover phones of any age, any service provider, and any model/manufacturer.

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