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*You can choose any combination…


Get protection for the three devices you use most! Your laptop, tablet & smart phone!


In a world where everything breaks, it pays to be covered!!


Any working smartphone is eligible

accidental damage

One ADH claim included per year.

unlimited claims

No-hassle unlimited claims

repair options

Local repairs so you don't go without your smartphone



Microphone failure

Home button failure
Charging port failure
Liquid damage
Cracked screen
Touchscreen malfunction
Headphone jack failure
Speaker failure
Battery failure


All mechanical/electrical failures from normal use
Screen failure
Antenna/Wi-Fi failure
Charging port failure
Touchscreen failure
Won’t power on
Battery failure


All mechanical/electrical failures from normal use
Hard drive crash
Wi-Fi failure
Loose charging port
RAM failure
LCD burn out


READY TO MAKE THE SWITCH? IT’S EASY. CALL 888-994-0914 to sign up for Everything Breaks and we’ll help cancel your insurance from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile. Even if your phone is still under contract, you’re allowed to cancel whenever you want without penalties, fees or changing your current cell phone plan.

Everything Breaks vs. the other guys




Liquid damage
Power failure
Hard drive failure
Wifi failure
RAM failure
Screen failure

*All comparisons based on 2-year protection plan plus one accidental claim (includes the Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB,Samsung Galaxy Note 5 64GB and the HTC One M9) for the following providers: Everything Breaks smartphone protection plan, SquareTrade Smartphone Protection Plan; AT&T Mobile Protection Pack; Verizon Total Mobile Protection, Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plus.

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Most frequent questions and answers
Do I Need To Keep My Receipts?
Yes. Although receipts may not be required at time of registration, you should keep all of your receipts as you may be required to provide a copy of your retail purchase receipt for the covered device when requesting repair service.
Is There A Deductible?
Yes. The deductible for the Everything Breaks Technology Protection Plan is $75 per claim.
What Happens If I Need Service?
Call 888-994-0914 or request service through your customer portal when a registered product requires repair. We have a network service repair centers available and ready to fix your issue. If the repair costs associated with your product exceed the price you paid for it, or if it can't be repaired because parts are no longer available or the price of repair is too high, you may receive payment of up to the eligible product's original purchase price (excluding sales tax) to replace it.
Is There Coverage For Accidental Damage Like Dropping My Phone And Cracking The Screen Or Dropping Into A Sink Full Of Water?
Yes. Accidental Damage Protection is included on the one registered device. You can purchase additional ADH for $3 per month per item.
What Technology Products Are Eligible For Coverage?
Smart phones, laptops and tablets purchased as new or factory-refurbished within the past 24 months. At the time of purchase the product must have included a manufacturer’s original or factory-refurbished warranty valid in the United States. In order to be eligible for the Everything Breaks Technology Protection Plan, the following criteria must be met: All devices must have been purchased within the last 24 months from the date of the plan purchase. The manufacturer's original or factory-refurbished warranty must provide at least 90 days parts and labor coverage. Coverage only applies to products used non-commercially. Eligible products must be registered within 30 days of initial plan activation. Eligible products must be in good, working order at time of registration. Customer must be able to provide a valid, readable sales receipt at time of claim for each registered product showing the product’s original date of purchase and the individual sales price paid per product.
How Long Are My Products Covered?
Your coverage will never end as long as you continue paying the low fixed monthly fee.
Who Performs The Repair Service If Something Breaks?
When repairing your eligible product, only authorized service repair professionals are used. The Everything Breaks Technology Protection Plan provides you with the same type of service that you would get from the manufacturer or retailer of your product.
Does It Matter Where I Buy My Device?
The Everything Breaks Technology Protection Plan covers any brand from any retailer.
Can I Cancel My Plan?
Yes, you may cancel your plan for any reason at any time. To cancel, simply call 888-994-0914 or log in to your user account and click cancel in your customer portal.
Why Do I Need An Everything Breaks Technology Protection Plan?
Repairs to smart phones, laptops and tablets can be extremely expensive. The Everything Breaks Technology Protection Plan protects you from incurring unexpected repair or replacement costs if your registered device breaks down during the coverage period as a result of normal wear and tear. It also includes Accidental Damage from Handling on one device. There’s the convenience of just one phone number to call to have your registered device diagnosed, repaired, replaced or refunded. And this is all covered under one low monthly fee.
What Is The Difference Between The Everything Breaks Technology Protection Plan And The Service Plans Offered By Most Retailers?
A retailer’s plan is expensive and covers only ONE newly purchased device with a limited term. Retailers typically sell you a new plan for each product you purchase and the retailer plans often exceed 20% of the purchase price of each device. The Everything Breaks Technology Protection Plan is low-cost and covers your three registered devices.
How Do I Begin?
Once you enroll, you’ll need to register your eligible devices. These include ones that you’ve purchased within the last 24 months. These devices must be registered within 30 days of your Everything Breaks Technology Protection Plan activation date. All future purchases must be registered within 30 days of their purchase date. Be sure to keep all of your receipts!
How Does The Everything Breaks Technology Protection Plan Work?
For one low monthly fee, the Everything Breaks Technology Protection Plan covers mechanical failures and electrical failures that occur during normal use. You can select any three combination of your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. The plan covers those repairs necessary to return your device to its intended functionality under normal operation.

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