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TV Insurance, TV Warranty, TV Protection Plan

Get two full years Protection Plan for your TV at less than $20

* pricing based on a Television with a purchase price of $199.99 or less

4.25/5 (4)

  • Covers mechanical and electrical breakdowns
  • No Hassle Claims
  • Low $49 Service Fee

Coverage only available for new televisions bought in the last nine months and with at least ninety days left on the manufacturer warranty

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See how Everything Breaks compares to other plans.

Everything Breaks vs. the other guys
Smart 4k Ultra HDTV (Retail Price = $699) $80 $65 $62.88
Smart 4k Ultra HDTV (Retail Price = $899) $120 $90 $88.88
Smart 4k Ultra HDTV (Retail Price = $1,499) $180 $105 $102.88
Smart 4k Ultra HDTV (Retail Price = $1,799) $350 $170 $167.88
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*Prices based on Everything Breaks 2-Year TV protection plan, SquareTrade 2-Year TV Protection Plan and Best Buy's 2-Year Geek Squad Protection Plans.

In a world where everything breaks,
it pays to be covered

Speaker/Sound Failure

You're covered for speaker malfunctions that can cause problems like low audio or no audio

Power Supply Burnout

If the TV power supply burns out, your TV won't turn on, We've got you covered.

Screen Failure

We cover dead pixels, lines on your screen, discoloration, or dim screens that can make your TV unusable.

Broken Buttons

Buttons can wear out and break over time, making it almost impossible to use your TV. We cover all of them.
*Everything Breaks doesn't cover intentional damage, loss or theft.


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