Tips to Choose a Perfect Laptop Protection Plan and Service Provider



Tired of struggling with your old tablet? Thinking of upgrading to a new one? There are a lot of things to consider before purchasing a new tablet. And while you might have a good idea of the specs and features you want in your tablet, you might not have thought through the answers to these questions:

“Do I need a tablet protection plan?”

“Are protection plans worth the money?”

Protection plans of all kinds have their sceptics. But if you’re inclined to think that protecting your tablet from damage is a waste of money, check out these facts.

1.   Replacing your device is expensive

Without a protection plan, your only choice is to pay the full price for a replacement tablet. (Ouch!) But protection plans are affordable because they often come with fixed deductibles. With a deductible, you pay only a small portion of the cost of a new tablet. In other words, with a solid protection plan, you come out way ahead. The average price of a brand new tablet or e-reader ranges between $300 and $700. If you calculate the average cost of a protection plan and the deductible, the total cost of a replacement tablet is a much lower number.

2.   Even a good case is not good enough

You have got yourself a new device — great! And along with it, you buy the best case on the market. While that might make you feel good, it’s just not enough. Although investing in a protective tablet case is advisable, it cannot ensure complete protection of your device. Your expensive case will not be able to protect your tablet from liquids, internal screen malfunctions, battery failures, headphone jack issues, charging port failures, cracked screens, and so many other types of damage. Did you know that more than 80 million devices are damaged every year? That equates to 2.5 tablets damaged every second! So, when you get your brand new tablet, include an protection plan, and protect your device from wear and tear, or worse.

3.   Outside repairs are risky and expensive

If your tablet or e-reader is damaged, and you think it can be fixed, you can opt for repair. But the sad truth is, once you get your device repaired by an external company, the manufacturer’s warranty on your electronics is usually voided. Generally, outside repairs are not possible for waterlogged electronics or devices with malfunctioning screens and buttons. And the repair can easily cost more than the amount you would have spent if you had a protection plan. Also, once your tablet is repaired, the warranty is nullified. So, if anything else were to happen to it, the manufacturer would not help you. In the end, all you will be left with is a big fat repair bill.

4.   Claiming your replacement is not as difficult as you might think

One of the biggest reasons people have second thoughts about purchasing a protection plan is because they assume that making a claim will be a time-consuming process. If you are thinking along similar lines, you are about to be pleasantly surprised. Contrary to popular belief, filling out a claim on your tablet’s or e-reader’s protection plan is not a pain. And you won’t be kept on hold for hours. In fact, you can process a claim at EverythingBreaks, in four easy steps:

a.    Gather your receipt and the damaged electronic item and have them with you.

b.   Contact the professionals at EverythingBreaks, who will locate your protection plan.

c.    Answer a few questions about what happened with your device.

d.   If your problem is covered in the protection plan, and all the details are in place, your claim will get instant approval. If there’s an issue in the process, then a specialist at EverythingBreaks will work with you on the next steps.

 5.   Your peace of mind is worth a lot

You may think that if you never have to use your protection plan, it isn’t a good value. While it’s true that you may never drop your tablet into a roadside puddle, drop it from the second floor of a building, or get bumped on public transportation and watch your tablet skid face-down across the floor, it’s also true that you can’t control or predict any of those things. But you can protect yourself from them.

You might never get into a car accident, and you may never break your leg, but you still get car insurance and health insurance, don’t you? Having them means never worrying about having the freedom to drive or getting a doctor’s care if you need it. That’s why you also need a protection plan for your tablet, because it’s vital to your daily life, and you don’t want to risk going without it. The bottom line is that without a protection plan, you are taking a big chance not only with your tablet but also with all the things it helps you do.

EverythingBreaks not only offers the best coverage your device may need, but also it comes with a host of excellent features such as protection against camera failure, viruses, and home button failure.

 So don’t take chances!

Tablet protection plans, just like health or vehicle coverage, are worth every penny. And they’re definitely not something to be dismissed. Having a protection plan for your tablet can save your day, and buying a protection plan with us is super simple. Not only do we provide excellent support and assistance, but also we offer a reasonable price for your protection plan, especially compared to other companies. Check out competitive plans on our website and decide for yourself whether our protection plan is a good deal or not. Save money and have the confidence of knowing you’re covered when you choose a protection plan from EverythingBreaks.

 It’s easy to choose EverythingBreaks

Protection plans from EverythingBreaks can usually be added to your purchase within days of buying any new electronic device. Also, if you have a tablet or e-reader that you are not planning to replace at the moment, check out our best plans and apply them to your existing electronics. Apart from offering quality services, EverythingBreaks is also known for providing great deals to both its current and new members. For special discounts and more, check out our website and enjoy peace of mind about the safety and reliability of your device.

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