Tips to Choose a Perfect Laptop Protection Plan and Service Provider

6 Important Reasons You Should Consider Buying an iPhone Protection Plan

Owning an iPhone would be a dream come true for many people, but there’s no denying the fact that these devices are expensive. Your iPhone is more than just a fun device; it practically runs your life. If you can’t afford to be without your phone, you need to invest in an iPhone protection plan.

Here are six important reasons:

1. Deductibles cost less than the phone itself

People who have iPhone protection plans are often astonished to find that they need to pay a deductible when filing a claim. However, a small deductible doesn’t make the protection plan pointless; you’ll still come out way ahead. The average cost of a smartphone—one that doesn’t come at a low price when you sign a multiyear contract—without a protection plan is $545. The average deductible is considerably lower, even when you calculate it on a monthly basis.

2. You’ll need more than basic coverage

Investing in phone insurance is a sensible decision in case your smartphone has an encounter with an unforgiving sidewalk. There’s also the possibility that you drop your phone and break the screen. Battery failure is another common problem. EverythingBreaks covers all kinds of damages, such as screen breakage, accidental damage, phone shutdown, along with regular wear and tear.

3. Filing a claim is easy

Contrary to popular belief, filing a claim on your iPhone protection plan isn’t complicated. You can file a claim with EverythingBreaks at any time of day, from anywhere. Most companies ship out the replacement phone in one day. That definitely beats making an appointment with your carrier and paying the full price for a replacement.

4. Third-party repairs are risky

If your mobile phone breaks, it might be beyond repair. Even if it can be fixed, you’re left with only a few options. Unfortunately, having repairs done by a third party will often void the manufacturer’s warranty on your phone. The warranty may not apply in cases of water damage, theft or misplacement, either. If anything happens to your phone that is not specified in the warranty, your phone manufacturer will not take responsibility, leaving you to foot the bill for repairs or replacement.

5. The peace of mind makes it worthwhile

Some people believe that phone insurance isn’t worth the expense because they might never need it. No, you might never lose or damage your phone. You might never drop your phone in the toilet or from the balcony of your apartment.

However, even though you might never get into a car accident, you accept the fact that you need car insurance. In reality, you’re taking a risk if you don’t have an iPhone protection plan. 

6. Protection plans cover things a warranty doesn’t

If you’re thinking you don’t need a phone protection plan because you already have the manufacturer’s warranty, you’re wrong. The warranty on most phones these days covers only mechanical issues and software glitches, not accidental damage.

Probably the best reason to invest in a smartphone protection plan is that it will cover what a warranty will not. A warranty probably won’t cover damage caused by carelessness or accident. Also, if you lose your phone, a warranty won’t pay for a replacement.

This doesn’t mean you should ditch the warranty, either. Think of the warranty as the first line of defense in protecting your phone against operating issues or damage. The iPhone protection plan will make up for all the areas in which the warranty is lacking.


It’s time to consider these six points and think about investing in a phone protection plan. It’s definitely a smart move. Once you’ve taken out a smartphone protection plan, you can rest assured that your phone is well protected from unforeseen situations. 

You can even get your other electronic devices protected under our various protection plans. There are different protection plans available for tablets, home appliances, laptops, televisions, and cameras. Simply put, if you protect your home and car, you should also protect the technology you use on a daily basis. 

The peace of mind is worth much more than the thousands of dollars you could spend on phone repairs and replacement.

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