Tips to Choose a Perfect Laptop Protection Plan and Service Provider

Phone Protection Plans All That You Need to Know

Have you ever come across a weird situation where your phone all of a sudden turns off when you need to make an urgent call to someone? It just refuses to turn on even after several attempts. What should you do? You have no other option but to borrow somebody else’s phone to make calls. You will have to take your device to the nearest repair centre, incurring the unexpected additional costs involved. Why? Probably because you have not gotten a mobile phone protection plan, which otherwise would have saved your hard-earned money. Don’t worry, it’s never too late. Choose a smartphone protection plan now. Sneak through some of the interesting eye-openers about your smartphone-
  • The average time a new iPhone will break is 10 weeks.
  • Apple iPhones retain 50% of their original value when they are first resold.
  • 30% of smartphones suffer some sort of damage over the course of one year.
  • 57% of men and 40% of women have damaged their cellphones while using it in the washrooms.

Damages are covered by a Phone Protection Plan

You can protect your expensive smartphone if the damage is due to:
  • Malfunctioning of certain phone accessories such as the battery, speaker, or the charger.
  • A broken or shattered screen that is not responding to touch commands.
  • If you accidentally spill liquid or drop your phone in water.
  • Your home screen button is not functioning.
  • If the lens of your mobile camera gets cracked, not allowing you to click the photos.
Your smartphone can also stop functioning due to some internal or external issues.
  • You may find that your mobile operating system (iOS or Android) has crashed while you are updating it.
  • The phone may get infected with some malicious virus, which corrupts the entire system.
  • Your phone is also prone to damage due to sudden changes in temperature or climatic conditions.

Tips on Choosing a Mobile Phone Protection Plan 

If you carry your smartphone almost all day, it becomes more than important to protect it against any damage. You should know that it’s more fragile than you think. Let’s look at some viable tips on how to choose a mobile phone protection plan.

Picking the Best Warranty Provider 

First things first, you need to find a reliable warranty provider with relevant experience in the business. Don’t just limit your options your phone carrier as you might end up paying more than the device actually costs. Browse the website properly to view what plans each of the providers is offering.

Know Your Smartphone

Get every single detail about your smartphone and thoroughly check its current condition. It helps you to pick the most appropriate protection plan for your mobile phone.

Check all the Warranty Plans

Each of the warranty plans comes with a myriad of benefits. These plans are also accompanied by certain terms and conditions. Therefore, you need to choose your protection plan very carefully. The features of the plans are designed according to the type of smartphone, the extent of damage, and more. For instance, the terms and conditions of the iPhone protection plan will be different from the Samsung Galaxy series. You may have to purchase the protection plan within a stipulated time period of buying a new device. Additionally, some protection plans cover a specific type of damage such as screen malfunctioning or home button failure, while they may not include protection against phone theft.

Comparing the Plan Price 

Money matters. After all, you work hard to earn every single penny. Therefore, you should check and compare the price of all the plans before choosing one. Next, on the platform comes the time period of the protection plan.  Most warranty service providers offer plans on a monthly, yearly, bi-annual or for three years. The coverage will never end until you decide to cancel the plan. Also, by choosing a two or three-year plan, you can save more money and get additional benefits.

Read the Customer Reviews 

Do you know that 92% of people first read customer reviews before buying a product or service? You also need to follow the same footsteps. Go through all the testimonials and feedback posted on the website to understand how the company covers all damages and protection plans. You also get an idea of whether the company offers satisfactory customer service.

Why Look for a Suitable Mobile Protection Plan

Still not convinced about choosing a mobile phone protection plan. Are you in some sort of dilemma whether to move ahead or stay at the same point? Let me share some strong reasons to cover your smartphone:

A Good Money Saving Scheme 

Do you have any idea why some smartphone users save more money on phone repair than others? Well, here’s a secret! A study has revealed that a simple repair without any warranty may cost you $15 per month. And to add more, many people don’t even know about it. Let’s explain this further with an example. Suppose your mobile phone has a couple of issues – a cracked screen and a jammed button. You have to pay separately to fix both these issues depending on the service charges. Now comes the profitable deal! If you are choosing a phone protection plan on a monthly basis, the price for the same service gets reduced to less than $8. Isn’t it an amazing offer to get?

Accidents are Inevitable 

Accidents are unforeseen incidents. They may occur anywhere, anytime, and without warning. This is the reason many people have a life insurance policy. Now, think about your smartphone. You just accidentally spill a cup of hot coffee on it, and the screen has stopped working. What to do next? Well, you breathe a sigh of relief realizing that you have got your phone covered under the protection plan. Stress removed!

Your Smartphone is a Prized Asset

An expensive smartphone needs special care. Maybe it’s extremely difficult to replace an iPhone XS with the same model since you already spent so much money on it. Just ask yourself whether you will be able to replace an entire phone or buy a second new model? The answer is most likely no, you cannot afford to spend money on a phone replacement.  This is why you should choose a mobile protection plan that will comprehensively secure the needed device.

Hassle-Free Protection Claim

A simple online form where you just need to fill out a few details. You are done with your protection claim. You just need to fill in the model number of your smartphone, the serial number of the device and choose a plan according to your requirements. Upon getting a confirmation from the company, the claim process will be instantly processed. Go ahead with the plan.


It’s now easily evident from the above information how important a mobile phone protection plan is. However, you should check every single detail and compare all plans before making a final choice.
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