Tips to Choose a Perfect Laptop Protection Plan and Service Provider

Tips to Choose a Perfect Laptop Protection Plan and Service Provider


Have you ever thought about why buying a laptop protection plan is necessary? Compared to other electronic gadgets, laptops could have significantly high prices. I can’t afford to spend money I don’t have on repairs and most likely, neither do you. You need to stay a step ahead. Besides taking good care of your laptop, you need to cover it under a good protection plan with easy claims.

But why do you need to buy a laptop protection plan?

After a thorough analysis, I have gathered statistics that you should know before even thinking about buying a Laptop Protection Plan.

  • 80% of the laptop failures occurring within the first 2 years aren’t covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty
  • More than half of the failures occur within the first 2 years of their lifetime
  • The top five failures include damage to the hard drive, A/C connection, LCD screen, motherboard, and optical drive

How will a plan benefit you?

  • You will get as much coverage as you want
  • You can decide on the protection period
  • You don’t have to break the bank – the plans are affordable
  • There is no contract to bind you

The laptop protection plan helps you alleviate hefty upfront payments and long term commitments while giving your laptop the best possible coverage at the most affordable prices.

Choose the Best Laptop Protection Plan

Be it a cracked screen, wi-fi failure, an LCD burnout, RAM failure or a hard drive crash, a laptop protection plan will save you from hurting your bank account. Read this post further to buy the best laptop protection plan in your budget.

1. Know the Condition of Your Laptop

Know every little detail about your laptop. Know the condition of your laptop by checking the condition of the processor, body, age, and various other things. It becomes easy to pick the most appropriate laptop protection plan once you know every single detail about your device.

2. Know About the Plan in Details

Every laptop warranty service includes lucrative benefits. These benefits depend on the type of laptops, services, and features that you need. Make sure to understand the plans in detail.

For instance, some plans come with restrictions that require they are purchased within 30 days of buying the laptop. Some come with hassle-free claims. These plans offer accidental coverage against damage from drops and spills. While buying the protection plan, do not forget to ask the salesperson about the laptop brands that are covered in the plan.

3. Compare the Plans

When you are unable to figure out which plan to pick, the best way is to compare the plans. This will likely help you find the best protection plan for your laptop. Compare the plans in terms of price, deductibles, protection from drops, spills and other accidents, reimbursement for Apple Genius Bar repairs and last but not least hassle-free claims. Finally, go for a plan that offers you maximum benefits.

4. Pick the Most Appropriate Plan

Do not try to jump to a conclusion quickly. It is very important to find a proper plan for your laptop. The two plans may appear the same, but they may differ in terms of premium payments and other factors. Also, find out whether the plan covers international damage, loss or theft.

5. Read the Reviews

While purchasing a laptop protection plan online, make sure to read all the testimonials and feedback posted by other customers to understand how well the plan works and whether the company offers the expected support as promised. If there are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)on the website, read them so that you do not miss any vital information.

Consider these points to buy a plan that saves and offers more. Do not rush into making a choice as soon as you start looking for plans. You need to choose the best service provider before choosing the best plan. Follow the steps below-

  • Audit Company for Credibility

Make sure you buy a laptop protection plan from a credible and trustworthy company. Read about their reputation, their level of public confidence, and standing in the market. What else do you need to know? Does the company have a physical location in America?

  • Find Out the Customer Complaints Ratio

Any company’s customer complaint ratio plays an important role in deciding whether it’s good for you to become a customer or not. This also helps in understanding how the company solves its client’s complaints. Determine the company’s efficiency in resolving the issues with a Customer Complaint Ratio.

  • The Company Partner Service Center

Does the company have a partner service center? Are those partner service centers trustworthy? Will they make laptop repair easier for you? Will the center provide 24/7 customer support? If the answers to all these questions are positive, you should be able to trust the company and buy the plan.

  • The ‘Claim Procedure’

A good service provider will handle and manage the claims of its customers as quickly as possible. Don’t pick a company with slow processing and unresponsive behavior when it comes to claiming time.


Before jumping in, figure out what your laptop needs are. Do a comparison check between all the laptop protection plan service providers. It will not take much of your time. Remember, you are not required to buy a plan just because they scare you into one.

Do not choose a company just because of its brand name, look for the kind of services they offer to their customers. Consider choosing a company that offers a full range of advanced features in their plans. This will help you calm down and think better when anything happens to your laptop. Choose the right features needed, and buy a laptop accident protection plan that fits your budget.

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