Tips to Choose a Perfect Laptop Protection Plan and Service Provider

Mobile Protection Plans A Necessity More Than a Choice

Today, phone protection is just as important as owning a smartphone. After all, your smartphone has become an integral part of your life. Chances are, you are dependent on it every day. You do everything – communication, business, payments, internet searches, photos, shopping, etc. –  all through your phone. You even use your smartphone to reach your destination. That’s why it is necessary to protect your phone from all kinds of damage or loss.

Why do you need phone protection plans?

When thinking about protecting your phone, which is your link to everything, nothing makes better sense than cell phone protection. Coverage can save you from hefty expenses in case of a phone emergency. And, you have a choice of mobile protection plans based on the length of time, types of coverage, and total cost of protection. Your plan is based on your preferences and requirements. Some plans even offer short-term protection with low monthly payments. It’s an ideal option if you want protection on a tight budget. Five reasons you need phone protection –
  • Accidental damage. Smartphones are not cheap, and when they break, repairs are quite expensive. Investing in mobile phone protection is a wise option as it covers all kinds of damage.
  • High repair cost. A small injury to your expensive phone can be very costly. Avoid hefty repair costs with a mobile protection plan.
  • Water/liquid damage. Any unintentional damage to your phone due to water, liquid, humidity, or moisture can be covered through your protection plan.

What does the protection plan cover?

The following types of losses are covered under phone protection plans.
  • Screen malfunctions. Broken screens and screens that do not respond to touch are covered.
  • Fails to power on. You are protected from additional costs if your phone fails/stops to power on.
  • Battery failure. If your original battery doesn’t hold a 50% charge, then you are covered.
  • Any liquid spill. Bottle of water? Glass of wine? When it spills on your smartphone, you’re covered.
  • Headphone jack. Your headphones broke off in the jack? No worries; it’s covered.
  • Camera failure. You’re covered for camera malfunctions or any damage to lenses.
  • Home button failure. So frustrating! But don’t worry; you can get it handled.
  • Charging port failure. If you have to hold your phone or wiggle the cord to get it charged, just report it. You’re covered.
  • Cracked screen. Cracked or broken screens can be covered through your protection plan.
Any local repair can be made with minimal charges so that you don’t have to spend the day without your phone. You can apply for a protection plan for any active phone.

How can you apply for a claim?

The protection plans we offer are backed by companies that provide a quick claim process. That means you don’t have to wait for months to receive compensation. Many claims follow a four-step claim process.

Step 1: Prepare

Before you file a claim, gather your damaged phone, your receipt for purchasing that phone, and your proof of coverage.

Step 2: Plan Match

The claims department will check to make sure you are covered for that specific protection, based on the documents you submit. This step isn’t instant, but it won’t take too long.

Step 3: Details

The company will reach out to you to ask questions about the device, such as “How did the phone get damaged? What problem are you experiencing, and since when?”

Step 4: Approval

Your claim will be approved based on the information, details, and data you provide. In some cases, with proper documentation, claims are approved instantly! If your case is unusually complicated or lacks specific requirements, then the coverage specialist will get in touch with you. They will guide you through the process so that you can be compensated for your covered claim.

The Final Word

Mobile protection, like any other protection, is a precautionary measure. It saves you from additional costs if something goes wrong with your phone. We, at EverythingBreaks, offer reasonable monthly plans starting at just $7.88 per month. Because we’ve satisfied so many customers, we’ve earned over a four-star rating.
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