Tips to Protect Your Home Appliance From the Summer Heat

Home Appliance Protection Plan

From enjoying a day by the beach to enjoying fruity beverages, summers bring us some of the most joyous experiences. However, you cannot say the same regarding the soaring temperatures that the weather brings. If not for the technology that provides for our comfort and well-being, summers could be an uncomfortable experience. Unfortunately, like people, electronic appliances may also be negatively impacted when exposed to the more extreme forces of nature. 

With the searing record-breaking temperatures of the summer, appliances may easily be adversely affected in extreme heat. In addition, the exceptionally high temperatures may damage your devices and impose a burdensome unexpected expense on you. Therefore, it is an intelligent decision to invest in an appliance protection plan and safeguard your devices from unforeseen events. 

We all know, appliances will eventually break down someday. But, this doesn’t mean you should stop taking preventive measures. In this article, we will learn of some common appliances prone to summer damages and some tips to protect them. 

Appliances that are Susceptible to Summer Breakdown 

  • Refrigerator and Freezer

The summer heat can be challenging for your refrigerators and freezers. During the scorching, hot summer months, the condenser coils work with increased frequency to maintain the expected temperatures. This process is beneficial to the device, as well as you. 

Ensure you maintain an optimal temperature of approximately 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid the coils overworking. Also, keep the condenser coils clean to ensure the device functions properly. Other tips advise that you avoid making frequent trips to the refrigerator, avoid overfilling spaces, and refrain from placing hot foods inside before it is cooled. 

  • Air Conditioner

Air conditioners (A/Cs) are a must have device that allows you to better tolerate the hot summers. An A/C has become a necessary home system to ensure you can make it through the most unbearable heat.  

Excessive heat can damage the regulators of an A/C. So, be sure to read the operations manual and set the system at an optimal temperature. This act preserves the appliance from burnout and also conserves electricity. Additionally, keep the filters and condenser coils clean for effective functioning. 

Consider switching off the A/C periodically to give it a rest. In addition, you may invest in a dehumidifier to remove the excess moisture in the air. This option may also reduce the output needed from your A/C. 

  • Washer and Dryer

Appliances like washers and dryers consume significant electricity and heat to wash and dry clothes. Combined with the external hot weather, the device is susceptible to overheating, leading to faster depreciation than anticipated. 

Incorporating some changes to the process of washing clothes can be effective. First, when washing clothes, turn down the temperature to the lowest setting. Using the cold water setting will be more energy-efficient than a high setting. Next, eliminate using the dryer. The dryer utilizes a more significant amount of power. Finally, when outside temperatures are high, clothes will dry in the air when hung or laid out!

  • Water Heater

Taking hot showers for many people is a routine act we often enjoy. The heat of the summer may provoke a relaxing hot bath, as well. However, the appliance that heats the water may also 

become overheated. 

To avoid overheating, reduce the temperature levels by a minimum of 10 degrees. This reduction will also help to save on electricity.

Preventive Measures to Protect Your Appliances from Summer Heat

  • Proper Cleaning 

Proper cleaning of your appliances is critical to ensure the correct operation of the appliances. Similarly, like with maintaining our health, appliances also need care. Appropriate cleaning is necessary for coil condensers, filters, ducts, and numerous other parts, to avoid dirt and dust buildup. Keep in mind that dirt buildup may prevent optimal performance. Also, it is a wise step to dry all metallic parts before putting them back in the appliances. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance will promote the proper functioning of your device, especially if you reside near coastal areas. 

  • Regular Maintenance

Home appliances perform better with regular maintenance. Therefore, it is a good practice to leave reminders on your cell phones or sticky notes to alert yourself when it is time to clean your appliances. 

Be sure to set yourself a notification of when you should schedule a technician for a routine maintenance visit annually. Committing to regular maintenance will ensure added durability in the product’s lifespan. 

  • Know the Breaking Points

Appliances have limitations. Therefore, you should operate them according to the instructions in the operations manual. 

When any appliance operates on a 3 point plug, ensure that there is an accommodation for such a requirement. For instance, a clothing iron functioning for a few minutes is acceptable but running it the entire day can be dangerous. A good rule of thumb is to align your usage with safety parameters when handling any appliance and not overload, overuse, or improperly use them.

  • Get help from Professionals

Attempting to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) with appliances may sound good and be an excellent idea for quick fixes like minor repairs and tasks that do not demand any expertise. But consider the more significant malfunctions that you cannot easily manage.

Larger appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners have many complicated parts. If you do not have the skill level, things might get worse before they get better. Now is the time to call a professional and get the help you need.  

Add Home Protection Plan with Precautionary Measures

You may protect your appliances from the summer heat by applying the necessary maintenance. However, even when you have implemented your device maintenance properly, problems may still occur.  
So, make it more robust. Opt for a total home protection plan that will provide you coverage on your appliances and saves you from unanticipated expenses.

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