Tips to Choose a Perfect Laptop Protection Plan and Service Provider

Why Electronics Protection Plans are Worth It


As modern electronic devices become more complex, more capable, and far more delicate, the inevitability of them breaking becomes far more prominent. Every device you own will eventually break, the question becomes, will you have a protection plan to cover the cost of the repair or replacement when it does

So many parts inside your phone or computer could fail and cause it to malfunction. Having an electronics protection plan is essential to protect yourself from being left without a working device if something breaks down. Do you have $500 right now to cover the cost of repairing or replacing one of your devices? 

You can already see why protection plans for electronics are worth it, but there are plenty more reasons to invest in one. Why are these plans worth it?  

They Cover a Wide Range of Damages 

One of the reasons why you should purchase an electronics protection plan is that it covers a wide range of damages. Accidental damage, such as drops and spills, is protected under most scenarios. If your phone drops out of your pocket and lands face-down on concrete, or if you accidentally spill water on it while washing dishes, then these situations will be covered by your protection plan. 

Battery failures are also often covered under some plans. If your battery dies out faster than usual or doesn’t work at all anymore (as sometimes happens with old phones), then this will be covered by the protection plan. 

With Everything Breaks, our plan deductibles are as low as $25, meaning you won’t have to pay out of pocket for the full repair, no matter what it is or how it happens! Most standard electronic protection plans from manufacturers are very limited in what they cover! 

They Cover Most Brands and Types of Products

Depending on the provider of the electronics protection plan, some devices and brands may not be covered. At Everything Breaks, we repair most electronics products, including: 

  • Smartphones 
  • Laptops computers 
  • Tablets and e-readers 
  • Televisions and home theaters 
  • Printers, monitors, and other peripherals 
  • Alarm clocks 
  • Cameras 
  • Car and home audio and video equipment 
  • MP3 players 
  • Radar detectors 
  • Small kitchen appliances 
  • So many others! 

Even if you buy a different brand or model later in the year, your plan will still cover your purchase. We cover every major electronics brand, and you can even have multiple electronics covered by the same program at no extra charge.  

You Can Choose a Repair Provider Anywhere in the Country 

With some electronics protection plans, you can’t always choose a repair provider anywhere in the country. With an Everything Breaks electronics protection plan, we give you the flexibility and options for servicing or repairing your device, anywhere you are. If you have an electronics protection plan and something goes wrong with your TV or computer, you get to choose who fixes it. You can always choose the repair provider you trust, and one that is located conveniently to you.  

Best of All, They Give You Peace of Mind 

The most significant benefit of an electronics protection plan is that it gives you peace of mind. You don’t have to panic about the cost, hassle, or wait time associated with repairs. If something goes wrong, all you have to do is contact Everything Breaks to file a claim, then choose your provider. We will help you take care of everything quickly. 

You may be worried that signing up for an electronics protection plan means paying more upfront than buying the product without one—but this isn’t the case. Most programs are so affordable that they pay for themselves after just a few uses. 

Ready to learn more about available plans? Contact Everything Breaks today! 

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