You Should Definitely Get a Protection Plan When Buying a New Home


Buying a new home is a wave of emotion. You’re excited, nervous, anxious, and joyful. However, the real work only begins when the keys are handed over and you’re settled in. Homeownership requires work, and maintaining it isn’t as easy as reality shows on HGTV make it seem. Things break, need to be repaired and replaced, and it costs more time and money than people realize. 

Do you know how to fix a furnace? What about a water heater? A washer or dryer? Oven? This is just one of the reasons why many people invest in a home warranty

But what about new homes? Why do you need one if you’ve just purchased a home? Hasn’t everything been inspected? If you’ve just closed, here are some of the best reasons why a home protection plan is still a good idea. 

Those Home Inspections Aren’t Thorough 

Inspections are a must-have for any home purchase, and inspectors are great people who are knowledgeable in many areas. However, they’ll be the first people to tell you that they are generalists; they aren’t experts in HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc. In fact, that very statement is generally written into the contract you sign with them before they inspect the house. 

Inspectors take a cursory look at everything in your soon-to-be home. They are not there to conduct an in-depth examination of each and every item, appliance, home component. This means that while they will look at things to see if they are functioning properly, they cannot tell you if something will soon break. Additionally, they cannot diagnose minor problems that should be addressed to avoid more expensive repairs. 

Home protection plans provide you a bit of added protection and insurance should something go wrong with any of the following: 

  • Air conditioning 
  • Central heating and furnaces 
  • Ductwork 
  • Hot water heaters 
  • Whirlpool bathtub 
  • Electrical systems 
  • Plumbing 

They also provide protection for many minor things like ceiling fans, garage door openers, appliances, and much more. 

Home Protection Plans Shield You from Big Payouts 

You just bought a home, which means you’ve already put down a big down payment that really hurt your savings. This is a great thing (you’re building equity now), but many new homeowners aren’t exactly loving the look of their savings account. Do you have the money to put $6,000-8,000 on a new furnace right now? 

Home protection plans shield you from big repair and replacement bills, even on big ticket items. You only pay a low monthly rate and a very small deductible when something breaks. How does it sound to get that new furnace for just $75? That’s what’s possible with a home protection plan. Otherwise, you’ll be on the hook for the entire cost shortly after shelling out tens of thousands on a new home. 

Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover Everything 

Most home insurance plans don’t cover the items listed above. Home insurance is there in case something is damaged due to weather, leaks, fire, etc., not because a component within your washer or dryer breaks due to normal use. Home protection plans are like an extension of your homeowner’s insurance, protecting you against things your plan doesn’t cover.  

Learn More About Home Protection 

How can you learn more about home protection plans? That’s the easiest part. If you are about to close on a house, or have recently closed, give us a call at 800-895-0842 to learn more about how we can help protect your home, and your wallet. 

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