Are Brakes Covered by Extended Auto Warranty? See Your Options

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Are brakes covered by auto warranties? It’s a simple question with a slightly complex answer. Brakes are covered by some auto warranties. It depends on the company you go with, and the level of the coverage plan you choose. The answer is also further complicated by the components that make up a vehicle’s braking system. Brakes are made of many moving parts; some are covered by auto warranties, some are not. Which parts of your car’s brakes are typically covered under an auto warranty, and which aren’t? 

The Components of Vehicle Braking Systems

The braking system of a vehicle is complex, comprising various components working in harmony to ensure your safety on the road. It’s important to understand these basic components to get a better picture of what is covered by a warranty and what isn’t. The major components of a vehicle’s brake system include: 

  • Brake Pads: These parts create the necessary friction to slow down your vehicle. 
  • Rotors and Drums: The surfaces against which the pads and shoes press to stop the car. 
  • Calipers and Wheel Cylinders: Components that apply pressure to the pads and shoes. 
  • Brake Lines and Hoses: These carry brake fluid, allowing the hydraulic system to operate. 
  • The Master Cylinder: Controls the pressure of brake fluid to the brakes. 
  • ABS Components: Including sensors and the control module, which prevent the wheels from locking during braking. 

Which Brake Components are Covered by an Auto Warranty

Coverage varies, but many plans cover the major components that are critical to the operation of the brakes on your vehicle. At Everything Breaks, our Deluxe Auto Protection Plans cover: 

  • Parking Brake Actuator 
  • Hydraulic Lines and Fittings 
  • Wheel Speed Sensors 
  • ABS Accumulator, Pump, Motor, Reservoir 
  • Compensating Valve 
  • Wheel Cylinders 
  • Calipers 
  • Vacuum Assist Booster 
  • Power Brake Cylinder 
  • Master Cylinder 

Our Topline Auto Protection Plans cover: 

  • Everything covered in the Deluxe Plan 
  • Electronic Control Processor 
  • ABS Main Relay 

Which Brake Components are Not Covered by Auto Warranties?

Typically, auto warranties do not cover parts that wear out due to normal use. These can include: 

  • Brake Pads 
  • Rotors and Drums 
  • Brake Lines and Hoses 

These are all considered “normal maintenance” items. The good news is that these are generally the most affordable to replace. An Everything Breaks Auto Protection plan will cover the most expensive repairs that can really break the bank. Also, when you call, ask about our WeCare savings program, which can help secure you discounts on all the maintenance parts listed above! 

Common Brake Issues and Repair Costs

  • Brake systems can encounter various issues, with repair costs varying widely: 
  • Worn Brake Pads: Can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 per axle to replace. 
  • Warped Rotors: Replacement costs can range from $250 to $500 per axle. 
  • Faulty ABS Sensor: Repairs might cost between $200 and $400. 
  • Leaking Brake Lines: Fixing these can run from $150 to $200. 
  • Calipers: Can cost up to $800 per axle. 
  • Brake Wheel Cylinder: Can be up to $250 per wheel. 

How an Extended Warranty Can Save Money on Brake Repairs

While routine wear-and-tear items like brake pads and rotors are generally not covered, an auto warranty can be incredibly beneficial for more significant, less predictable issues. Auto warranties provide: 

  • Coverage for Expensive Parts: Components like calipers and ABS modules can be costly to replace. An extended warranty can cover these high-ticket items. 
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that major repairs are covered can provide peace of mind, especially for older vehicles or those out of the original warranty. 
  • Budget Protection: It helps protect your budget against unexpected repair costs, making financial planning easier. 

Get Your Brakes Covered by a Vehicle Protection Plan

When shopping for an auto warranty, evaluate the coverage details closely to ensure it meets your needs and provides the protection you want. While not every part of your vehicle’s brake system may be covered under an auto warranty, our helpful experts can help you choose the best coverage for your car and budget. Give us a call today to talk about how you can get valuable coverage for an affordable price! 

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