Find Out What Extended Auto Warranties Don’t Cover

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When it comes to protecting your vehicle beyond the standard factory warranty, extended auto warranties can be a valuable investment. They provide peace of mind and potentially save you from costly repairs in the future. However, it’s equally important to understand not just what is covered but also what typically falls outside the scope of these protection plans. At Everything Breaks, our auto protection plans cover an extensive range of vehicle components (over 180 different components on our most expansive plans!).  

What Does an Auto Warranty Generally Cover? 

Auto warranties essentially protect key vehicle components. While the specifics can vary widely based on the plan (give us a call and we’ll tell you exactly what’s covered) many of our plans provide coverage for: 

  • Engine Components: Such as the oil pump, pistons, and timing gears. 
  • Transmissions: Including both automatic and manual transmission components. These are often some of the most expensive repairs. 
  • Drive Systems: Covering parts like the drive shaft and constant velocity joints. 
  • Electrical Components: Such as starters, alternators, and sometimes the car’s onboard computers and electronic systems. These are some of the more common issues with cars. 

What an Auto Warranty Generally Doesn’t Cover 

Despite the comprehensive nature of our auto protection plans, there are several areas that they do not cover: 

  • Regular Maintenance: Oil changes, tire rotation, brake pads, and other routine maintenance tasks are typically the car owner’s responsibility. Call and ask about our WeCare plan, which can help you save money on all your car’s repairs and maintenance! 
  • Wear and Tear Items: Tires, brake pads, windshield wipers, and similar items that wear out over time. 
  • Exterior or Interior Damage: Damage to the car’s body, paint, or interior upholstery from accidents or normal use is not covered. This should be covered by your insurance. 
  • Aftermarket Modifications: Problems caused by aftermarket parts or modifications made after the initial purchase are generally not covered. 
  • Environmental Damage: Damage from natural disasters, weather conditions, or accidents falls outside the plan’s scope. Things like hail damage can also be covered by your insurance, depending on your plan. 

What’s The Differences Between Protection Plans and Car Insurance? 

While both auto warranties and car insurance offer protection for your vehicle, they serve different purposes: 

Vehicle Protection Plans focus on mechanical breakdowns and electrical failures, covering the cost of repairs for specific car parts after the original manufacturer’s warranty expires. 

Car insurance primarily provides financial protection against physical damage or bodily injury resulting from accidents, theft, and other liabilities associated with driving or owning a vehicle. 

The primary difference lies in what triggers the coverage: mechanical failures versus accident or theft. Learn more about the difference between the two here

Why a Person Would Want an Auto Warranty 

Opting for an auto warranty comes with many benefits, including: 

  • Financial Security: It protects against unexpected repair costs, providing financial security and ease of budgeting for car maintenance. 
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that major repairs will be covered can offer significant peace of mind, especially for those who rely heavily on their vehicle for daily activities. When something happens, we will take care of you!  
  • Increased Resale Value: keeping your car well maintained and in good repair can increase the resale value of your vehicle, making it more attractive to potential buyers. 

Get Protection for Your Vehicle Today 

Understanding what is and isn’t covered under an extended auto warranty is crucial in making an informed decision about whether it’s the right choice for you. At Everything Breaks, we’re transparent in everything that we do. We won’t let you be caught off guard when it comes to coverage and repairs. Whether it’s for financial security, peace of mind, or maintaining your car’s value, a Vehicle Protection Plan with Everything Breaks is a worthy investment for any car owner. 

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