Renovating Your Home? A Home Warranty Can Offer Peace of Mind

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Home renovations are exciting and stressful, but once they’re done, they’re wholly fulfilling. Whether you’ve updated your kitchen, remodeled your bathroom, or expanded your living area, renovations can significantly improve your home’s comfort and style.  

However, amidst the excitement, there’s also the anxiety of ensuring that your new systems and appliances remain protected against unexpected malfunctions or repairs. Home warranties offer an invaluable layer of protection and peace of mind for the things in your home. How can a home warranty be a valuable addition to your home renovation project?   

Protection for New Systems and Appliances 

Renovations often involve the installation of new systems and appliances, which can be a substantial investment. From high-end kitchen appliances to efficient HVAC systems, these new additions are integral to your renovated space. The bottom line is that you’ve got some new stuff, so now it’s time to protect it!  

While many appliances come with a standard appliance warranty, they only last 12 months and can be filled with exclusions and fine print. A home warranty covers the repair or replacement of these items if they break down due to normal wear and tear, safeguarding your investment beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.  

Should you get a home warranty even if your appliances are still under their original warranty?  A home warranty bridges the gap between manufacturer’s warranties by providing broader coverage, including aspects not typically covered by manufacturers, such as labor costs and wear-and-tear issues. This comprehensive protection ensures that your new installations are covered from multiple angles. It also will provide long-term protection for the years to come. 

Cost Savings on Unexpected Repairs 

One of the main advantages of a home warranty is the potential cost savings on repairs. Renovating your home is already a significant financial commitment, and additional unexpected repair costs can strain your budget.  

Even new products are prone to break. With a home warranty, you’re protected from these unforeseen expenses, ensuring that a malfunction doesn’t turn into a financial burden. For a predictable annual fee, a Home Protection Plan from Everything Breaks will cover costly repairs, providing considerable savings over time. 

Convenience and Ease 

Dealing with repairs can be a huge hassle, especially when you’re trying to enjoy your newly renovated home. You must deal with operators, waiting times, denied claims, and other hassles. Basically, if the manufacturer can somehow weasel out of paying for a repair, they will. 

At Everything Breaks, we simplify this process by offering multiple ways to make a claim. You can call (and speak with an actual person!), make a claim online, or use our convenient app to get a repair scheduled the same day! Instead of researching and vetting service technicians for each problem, you can rely on your home warranty and our team to handle it. We pay out 100% of covered claims. That’s our promise to you. This convenience frees you from the logistical headache of repair management, allowing you to focus on enjoying your renovated space. 

Enhancing Home Value 

In addition to protecting your investment, a comprehensive home warranty can also increase the value of your home. Prospective buyers want to see that everything has been maintained well over the years. It signals that the home will not give them problems shortly after closing. This added value through peace of mind can make your property more appealing in an already competitive real estate market. 

Total Protection for Almost Everything You Own 

Does your newly acquired appliance warranty cover your electronic devices? At Everything Breaks, we offer complete home protection plans that covers everything from computers to cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. It’s everything you need to ensure that mostly everything in your life is maintained and covered from unexpected damage and repair costs. 

Protect Yourself with a Home Warranty Today 

A home warranty is a smart addition to any home renovation project, offering protection, savings, and peace of mind. By covering newly installed systems and appliances, it ensures that your investment is secure against unforeseen malfunctions and repairs. We make it easy to get started; just call one of our friendly home protection plan specialists to get a free quote on your home. We’ll even lock in your rate to protect you against rising inflation! Give us a call at 800-895-0842 today. 

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