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The Most Telltale Signs That You Need an Auto Warranty


If you’re like most people who commute to work, you probably spend more than 10 hours each week driving your car. You need a car to get anywhere—to work, to see friends and family, and to run crucial errands no matter where you live. That’s why taking care of your car is a priority and why unexpected repairs (which you never know when they’ll happen) hurt so much. It’s also why auto warranties exist. They help people like you keep your car on the road without breaking your bank. They’ll cover the repairs your insurance won’t and the ones you can’t afford. 

How do you know that you need an auto warranty? These are the telltale signs. 

1. You Drive an Older Vehicle

If you’ve been driving the same vehicle for more than five or ten years, it’s prone to break down as the materials and parts deteriorate. Deterioration could include cracked rubber gaskets or simple engine fatigue. As a solution, a car warranty can cover almost every component under your hood if an issue arises. 

Additionally, older vehicles can have a domino effect when it comes to repair after repair. One repair will eventually lead to another. Vehicle warranties remain your best protection against the big repair bills that can spiral out of control. 

2. Your Car Has More Than 100,000 Miles on It

Some of the most reliable cars in the marketplace today last for 200,000 or even 300,000 miles. However, the benchmark for when a vehicle is prone to repair issues is 100,000 miles. At 100,000 miles, the costly repairs start to happen. By purchasing an auto warranty, you’re being realistic about the car’s functionality and what is likely going to break. Although you may have taken the car in for every service appointment, components will eventually wear down. When the inevitable occurs, you’re covered with a solid policy by a trusted company. 

3. You Don’t Have a Great Financial Situation

Today’s cars require computers and complex adjustments during a repair stop. As a result, these repair costs can be expensive. If you cannot afford a vehicle repair, paying for a car warranty is the practical solution. You pay a standard monthly premium for the coverage. When an issue arises, you file a claim to get the costs covered. Ultimately, you spend a fraction of the money on the auto warranty instead of an expensive car repair. It also puts you on a budget you can afford, rather than taking the risk of losing everything you have on a single repair bill. 

4. You Have an Expired Manufacturer’s Warranty

Most car manufacturers offer several years of warranty coverage on their vehicles. When you pass the allotted mileage or time frame, any repairs are now your responsibility. By purchasing a vehicle protection plan, you can extend the protection your vehicle has. Critical differences exist between the policies, so read over any car warranty before buying it. Most policies, however, will cover the main parts, such as the engine, transmission, and so much more. 

5. You Have Travel Concerns

It’s not unusual for some commuters to drive several hours a day. Understandably, the car must be in good shape for each drive. A car warranty provides peace of mind with an older car on a long commute. Being stranded on the side of the road is a safety concern for any driver. If there is a problem, the coverage instantly pays for the repairs so that you can get back on the road. Otherwise, your vehicle may be out of commission until you gather the funds necessary to pay for the repairs. With Everything Breaks, our auto protection plans offer additional benefits like free towing, roadside assistance, and rental cars! 

6. Your Car is in Deteriorating Mechanical Condition

You’re the only person who knows how well the vehicle runs. For instance, you notice tiny noise differences on the road over the years. If you’ve noticed that the car is acting differently than in previous years or is already giving you problems, you need some form of protection. 

Remember that most auto protection plans won’t cover already broken cars, but at Everything Breaks, we can still help you with a new type of coverage. Our WeCare program is designed to help people whose cars are already broken. Whether you need an auto protection plan or want to learn more about our WeCare program, call us at 800-895-0842 today! 

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