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Why You Should Consider Getting a Warranty on a Luxury Car


Luxury cars have it all. They have the stylish look, the incredible driving experience, and the undeniably amazing features everyone loves– they’re a treat for those who can afford them. However, luxury cars also come with hefty repair bills when something goes wrong. That’s why having an auto warranty is a really smart idea. Why? There are five very good reasons why. 

1: Costly Repairs 

Luxury cars have more complex mechanical systems and parts, meaning they take more time and money to fix. These repairs are made even more expensive since many of the parts need to be shipped in from overseas. Importing parts is expensive, especially if we’re talking about a luxury car’s engine, transmission, or complex electrical system with multiple parts. Having an auto warranty provides high-end financial protection for these high-end repairs. 

2: Everything is Covered 

Vehicle protection plans are the perfect complement to insurance because they cover everything your auto insurance doesn’t. When it comes to luxury cars, there are often a wide range of expensive electronic components that can malfunction and need repair. These include navigation systems, audio systems, voice recognition systems, heating and cooling systems, and advanced driver-assist systems, all of which can be extremely expensive to repair or replace.  

With a luxury car warranty, you can rest assured that these repairs, no matter how pricey, are fully covered.  

#3: Wide network of Repair Facilities 

Import repair facilities and trusted mechanics are hard to find, and we understand that you likely have someone you prefer to use. That’s why at Everything Breaks, we let you choose a repair facility that is trusted by you and convenient based on your location. You can choose from a wide network of repair shops to have your car serviced. This means you don’t have to worry about taking your car to someone you don’t trust.  

#4: Protecting the Resale Value 

Having an auto warranty is a great way to protect the resale value of any luxury car. Most luxury cars are an investment, and those investments need to be maintained over time. Malfunctions and surprising repairs can cause the value of the car to drop, making it difficult to sell in the future. Auto warranties allow for critical coverage for any unexpected issues that might arise. This ensures that the car will stay in pristine condition and at its best value. 

#5: Peace of mind 

Having an auto protection plan gives you peace of mind, plain and simple. That way, you can enjoy your car without having to worry about unexpected repair bills should something go wrong. No one wants to be stuck with a hefty repair bill because of a malfunction that could have been avoided. Auto protection plans from Everything Breaks offer luxury protection for luxury cars. Our plans go well beyond the normal coverage offered by other providers, giving you peace of mind every single time you drive. 

Disclaimer: Our protection plans provide coverage and peace of mind for unexpected repair or replacement costs. They are not warranties, but supplementary coverage beyond manufacturer warranties. Please review the terms and conditions for details.

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