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How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Shopping for Home Warranties


Your home is important, which is why protecting it against unexpected repair costs is crucial. A home warranty can provide peace of mind, as it covers repairs or replacements for major home systems and appliances. It’s important to navigate the potential pitfalls when choosing the right coverage. Not all home warranty providers are created equal, and some have deceptive practices that cost you money without providing the protection you need. These are the common pitfalls homeowners should watch out for when shopping for a home warranty. 

Inadequate Coverage 

Inadequate coverage can be a significant pitfall when shopping for home coverage. You should understand what the warranty plan covers to avoid disappointment and unexpected expenses. Some providers offer limited coverage, excluding specific systems or appliances essential to your home’s functionality. They might exclude coverage for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, or major kitchen appliances, or refuse to cover other things outright. 

Review the warranty’s terms and conditions to ensure you have the necessary protection. Pay close attention to the covered systems and appliances and any listed exclusions. Additionally, assess whether the coverage aligns with your needs and your home’s unique characteristics. It is essential to choose a plan that provides coverage for the systems and appliances you rely on to avoid costly repairs or replacements down the line. 

At Everything Breaks, we cover the things other providers don’t. See all the things (including free electronics coverage!) that are covered under our protection plans. Find out more. 

High Service Fees 

High service fees can impact the coverage’s overall cost-effectiveness. When repairs or replacements are necessary, homeowners have to pay a service fee or deductible for each claim filed. It is vital to thoroughly understand the service fees associated with the home warranty you are considering. 

Some providers may have high service fees that can quickly add up, especially if you need multiple repairs throughout the coverage period. These fees can impact the warranty’s value and affordability. It would help if you considered comparing the service fees of different home warranty providers to make an informed decision. Look for providers that offer reasonable service fees without compromising on the quality of coverage. 

Age Restrictions 

It is advisable to understand how different home warranty companies handle coverage for appliances or systems that are at a certain age. Some home coverage providers may explicitly exclude coverage for pre-older appliances. Review the policy’s terms and conditions regarding age to avoid surprises and ensure that the policy protects you. 

At Everything Breaks, we cover appliances and home systems regardless of age! 

Fine Print and Hidden Fees 

When reviewing a contract, paying close attention to the fine print and hidden fees is essential to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future. The fine print contains important details and conditions that can significantly impact your coverage or obligations. Overlooking the fine print may lead to unknowingly agreeing to unfavorable or unexpected terms. 

Hidden fees are charges that companies do not disclose or mention upfront. They encompass additional costs or expenses that may arise during your agreement, often catching you off guard when making a claim or utilizing the provided services. By being vigilant and attentive, you can identify these fees before signing the contract and make an informed decision. 

At Everything Breaks, all our costs are up front! Give us a call to ask about our honest pricing. Plans start as low as one dollar a day. 

Price Hikes 

Some home warranty providers may offer attractive rates to lure customers but raise their prices once you have joined. It is essential to inquire about potential price increases and understand how they may impact your long-term costs. It helps to consider providers with transparent pricing policies and a track record of reasonable and stable pricing. 

At Everything Breaks, we’ll lock in your home protection plan prices for 30 months when you sign up! 

Low Claim Approvals 

Lastly, you must be cautious of home warranty companies with a reputation for denying claims for arbitrary reasons. Some warranty providers may employ tactics to avoid approving claims or make the claims process complicated. So, research customer reviews and ratings to gauge the company’s track record in approving claims promptly and fairly. Choosing a reputable provider with a history of high claim approvals can save you from frustration and financial setbacks. 

At Everything Breaks, we pay for 100% of approved claims, saving people thousands every year. Ready to get started? Get in touch with us today to ask how you can cover your home! 

Disclaimer: Our protection plans provide coverage and peace of mind for unexpected repair or replacement costs. They are not warranties, but supplementary coverage beyond manufacturer warranties. Please review the terms and conditions for details.

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